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View Article - Micheal Carnick Interview

Micheal Carnick Interview
Micheal Carnick

The interview
mm3guy: Hi there Micheal Carnick! How were you related to the production of Midtown Madness 2?
Micheal: I began as an intern at Angel Studios during my senior year of high school. I worked there for one very fun year.

mm3guy: What cities did you help make?
Micheal: I was not involved in the actual city planning - that was up to the lead designers. My job was to model buildings within the cities, such as the tower of London and the Tate Gallery. I also created many of the games? props including the infamous red London telephone booth.

mm3guy: What do you think of how they turned out?
Micheal: We were working with very low polygon restrictions so that Midtown Madness 2 would run smoothly on a variety of systems. That being said, I think the city ended up looking quite awesome. We put a lot of work into it and it shows.

mm3guy: If you chose to replace one of the cities with another city, what would it be?
Micheal: Probably Las Vegas. It would have looked very cool at night.

mm3guy: What tools ( e.g. programs and blueprint databases) did you use in the production of the cities?
Micheal: I used 3D Studio Max and Photoshop primarily.

mm3guy: What do you think of the cities in Midtown Madness 3?
Micheal: I never played Midtown Madness 3.

mm3guy: What did you think of the Xbox-only release of MM3?
Micheal: I didn?t have an Xbox when MM3 was released, and I guess I never got around to trying it out. The encroachment of consoles on PC gaming is indeed a touchy subject for me, but that?s a whole different conversation.

mm3guy: The city sub-community of MM2 is one of the most crucial sub-communities of MM2. What do you think of the user made cities that have been made for MM2?
Micheal: I never knew MM2 had such an active community. I can?t wait to reinstall it and try out your cities.

mm3guy: There have been modifications to San Francisco and London that add ramps that let you go on top of buildings and such. What do you think of this extreme level of exploration?
Micheal: This is one of the things I enjoyed talking to the lead graphics designer about. Exploration has always been one of Midtown Madness? best qualities. I remember adding some ramps to the Tower of London so that the players could drive along the walls simply for their own amusement.

mm3guy: Midtown Madness two is nearly 7 years old, making it one of the longest living game communities out there. What is your reaction to this incredible feat of age, and the fact that Microsoft has stopped supporting this community?
Micheal: The fact that MM2 still has such a strong community shows how good a game it was, and continues to be. I hope it lives on for many years to come.

mm3guy: I found you through an Unreal Tournament fan website crediting you for making a modification called Elvis Mutator. How active are you in the UT community?
Micheal: My friend Keith and I programmed that mod in an evening just for fun. Actually, he did all the work. But it was my idea! I?m amazed it?s even still listed.

mm3guy: Before this interview is closed, is there anything else you might want to say?
Micheal: It?s an honor to have worked on a game that so many people enjoy.

mm3guy: Well, Thank you for participating in this interview. I hope your career is a successful one!
Micheal: Thanks for having me! I hope your website does well!

- MobyGames Profile
- Mike's UT mod
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