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View Article - Interview with Jay Panek and Gabriel Valencia

Interview with Jay Panek and Gabriel Valencia

Copyright 2000 MM2 Central.
RocK was at the chat, for questions please email RocK: rock@btwracing.com

Copy with permission, email Rippance: rippance@btwracing.com


MSN Gaming Zone Chat Transcript
With Jay Panek and Gabriel Valencia
MSN Gaming Zone, August 2, 2000

+Debbee@ZEvents> Jay Panek has been at Angel Studios for almost three years. In that time he has worked
+Debbee@ZEvents> on Midtown Madness 1 and 2 and Ken Griffey Jrs. Slugfest. He's worked in
+Debbee@ZEvents> games and animation for the last 8 years
+Debbee@ZEvents> Gabriel Valencia has worked on Stonekeep, Starfleet Academy, Die by the
+Debbee@ZEvents> Sword, Savage Quest and is currently the lead programmer for Midtown
+Debbee@ZEvents> Madness 2.
+Debbee@ZEvents> Turn ons: boogie boarding, School House Rock, and Master of
+Debbee@ZEvents> Orion 2. Turn offs: inflation, blatantly corrupt politicians, and gas
+Debbee@ZEvents> and electric price hikes.
+Debbee@ZEvents> Welcome to the Zone Jay and Gabriel!
+Debbee@ZEvents> Ready for questions?
Gabe@Midtown2> Hi guys!
+Debbee@ZEvents> ga AKA
AKA_bootXL> Hello there! Will Midtown Madness 2 support current/future custom cars straight out of the box or will players have to wait for another program like the VCK to be created? I have one more quick question about lag...
AKA_bootXL> How has the lag issue during CNR multiplayer been improved? Sometimes players have to swerve 1 or 2 car lengths ahead of opponents in order to score a hit/knock gold off their opponent's screen.
Gabe@Midtown2> Cars from the MM1 VCK won't be compatible.
AKA_bootXL> But you do plan on supporting custom cars for MM2 down the line?
Gabe@Midtown2> The functionality is in there.
Gabe@Midtown2> Again, like in MM1, would be totally unsupported.
AKA_bootXL> Gotcha, can you comment on the lag issue?
Gabe@Midtown2> I was really impressed with how you guys learned to use the last VCK, despite it being a dev tool and not a polished commercial tool.
Gabe@Midtown2> As for the lag, we're currently optimizing network.
Gabe@Midtown2> We're putting alot of attention on play in the Zone.
+Debbee@ZEvents> ga ironchair
ironchair_> ty debbee. how much better is multiplayer now in comarison to mm1? (ga)
Gabe@Midtown2> We've been focusing on improving the interpolation.
DYNO_Cobra> Howdy Gabe
Gabe@Midtown2> Dig that name.
DYNO_Cobra> Howdy Jay
DYNO_Cobra> Compared to Chicago, Approximately how much larger (if at all) will the London and San Fransisco maps be?
Jay@Midtown2> Hey
DYNO_Cobra> Wow.. Jay IS alive
Jay@Midtown2> I don't know exactly how much bigger, but
Jay@Midtown2> the cities are far more detailed and
Jay@Midtown2> include more shortcuts and secret areas.
+Debbee@ZEvents> flup DYNO?
DYNO_Cobra> Yes please
+Debbee@ZEvents> ga
DYNO_Cobra> Will there be an option to change cars while already in a MP game.. I've found this is a real pain changing cars while exiting the game, and coming back in.
Jay@Midtown2> Sorry , no.
DYNO_Cobra> nfq, ty
+Debbee@ZEvents> ga robber
Robber1> Hi thanks for making great games (Can't wait till I receive the BETA)
Robber1> Has anyone received the BETA allready? or knows when MS is going to ship????? Second: is it possible to have MM1 and MM2 installed at the same time? Third: Why does the press have the BETA allready and the winners not????????????????
Jay@Midtown2> BETA has already gone out
Robber1> I didn't receive it yet...
Robber1> But my last question...
Gabe@Midtown2> We don't control the BETA program, MS does.
Robber1> In MM1 in cruise mode, when a car damage out you'll be taken to another place, while in CnR you stay at the same place, is this the same in MM2?
Gabe@Midtown2> The BETA has been out, as far as I know.
Robber1> k
Gabe@Midtown2> Yes, you can have both versions installed at the same time.
Robber1> Great thanks...
Robber1> NOQ
+Debbee@ZEvents> ga turbo
l_TuRbO_l> Yo peeps!
l_TuRbO_l> Hey
Jay@Midtown2> In cruise mode, you will regen in the place you damage out, in both single and multi player
l_TuRbO_l> Heya!! I'm just wondering will MM2 have better multiplayer games because in MM I sometimes see strange things like one player in the top left-hand corner of the map and when they get the gold I cant see the arrow or them! Also.............
Gabe@Midtown2> I've never heard of that bug. It hasn't come up in our testing at MS.
l_TuRbO_l> o i c
l_TuRbO_l> oh well
+Debbee@ZEvents> flup?
l_TuRbO_l> yep
l_TuRbO_l> Also DYNO_JimmyWN would like to know what is going to fly out of objects such as the dumpster and etc.
Gabe@Midtown2> I think you'll like our exploding trees.
l_TuRbO_l> cool@
l_TuRbO_l> !*
+Debbee@ZEvents> ga 402
Gabe@Midtown2> There were lots of complaints in MM1 about invulnerable saplings.
+Debbee@ZEvents> opps 502
_502_NuKe> yay!
_502_NuKe> Heya! I'm just wondering if there will be cheats for MM2 such as a nude cheat for pedestrians or anything of this matter?
_502_NuKe> ...
_502_NuKe> flup please
Gabe@Midtown2> I wanted to add chipmonks flying out of trees, but no one liked that.
_502_NuKe> I just wanted to say that I �ed the word flup please dont use it or i will sue you
Gabe@Midtown2> No nude peds, but we've totally expanded the varietry of peds.
_502_NuKe> woohoooo
_502_NuKe> flup
+Debbee@ZEvents> ga
Gabe@Midtown2> You won't see as many doublemint twins.
_502_NuKe> I just wanted to comment
_502_NuKe> That for the people who didn't know interpolate - To insert or introduce between other elements or parts.
_502_NuKe> nfq
_quickshifter_> Hey, has the invisible hole problem been solved on mm2? And the chipmunk thing sounded cool.
+Debbee@ZEvents> ga quick
Jay@Midtown2> What invisible hole problem?
_quickshifter_> in the football feil
_quickshifter_> field
Jay@Midtown2> I'm not sure what the problem was.
_quickshifter_> on the seats
_quickshifter_> when you drive on the seats you fall through a hole
_quickshifter_> then it restarts the race
Jay@Midtown2> You got on the setas?!
Jay@Midtown2> seats
_quickshifter_> yeah
Gabe@Midtown2> Cool.
+Debbee@ZEvents> flup quick?
Jay@Midtown2> I never made it to the seats
_quickshifter_> lol yeah
Gabe@Midtown2> In MM2, you can drive on the rooftops
Gabe@Midtown2> if you can get there.
_quickshifter_> can you drive on water
_quickshifter_> it looks like you can
Gabe@Midtown2> There are ponds you can drive on.
Jay@Midtown2> D_quickshifter_> ok fnq
Gabe@Midtown2> The ocean still kills you.rive IN rather
+Debbee@ZEvents> ga MFC
MFC_MI_MFC> Hey ! Will you release an add-on ? Like an extra city or more cars ? If so, will we be able to download it for free ?
Jay@Midtown2> That's still to be determined
+Debbee@ZEvents> flup?
MFC_MI_MFC> no, thanks
+Debbee@ZEvents> ga 101
_101_BZ_22_> Hi Jay and Gabe! Here is my question, will there be more options in Multiplayer Games and will there be more modes to race in?
Jay@Midtown2> MM2 is shipping with the same game modes as in MM1,
Jay@Midtown2> the difference is twice as much in two cities
+Debbee@ZEvents> flup 101?
_101_BZ_22_> Yes.
_101_BZ_22_> Will you make a program to make MM2 cars or will you need Max, also what version of 3d Max will you need to create cars for MM2 because I have 2.5.
_101_BZ_22_> Oh yeah, I like your idea of chipmunks flying out of trees. Btw, to go on Stadium Seats use a Mustang GT and turn it to the side and you should get up.
Jay@Midtown2> There's a building in SF you can drive up onto the roof,
Jay@Midtown2> you'll be about 17 stories up before you plummet to the ground below
_101_BZ_22_> I also got on the Wrigly Building.
_101_BZ_22_> nfq
+Debbee@ZEvents> ga game
Gamehawg> Liked your Chipmunk idea Gabe...maybe you can get them to like possums on the road... Will we be able to play any of the new modes in multiplay? (Crash Course). flup please
Jay@Midtown2> Did you fall through the roof?
Jay@Midtown2> Crash Course is single player only
Gamehawg> bummer
_101_BZ_22_> Nope.
Gabe@Midtown2> Jay really wanted ducks in the water, so we put those in at least.
Gamehawg> heh
Gamehawg> Will MM2 be backward compatible with MM1 so that we can play Chicago with the new cars? And in Multiplay cops and robbers, will you be able to chat at the selection menu?
Jay@Midtown2> I also wanted to spew feathers when you hit them, but too graphic
Gamehawg> lol
Gamehawg> that wouldve been too carmaggeddonish
Gabe@Midtown2> No sorry, we've optimized the rendering engine to support cooler graphics features.
Gamehawg> bummer again
Gabe@Midtown2> You'll dig SF and London, though.
Gamehawg> I can't wait!
Gamehawg> What about the Chat
Gabe@Midtown2> CNR you can chat in the lobby.
Gamehawg> aawwwwwwwww man.
TC_lawabider> hi. great chipmuck idea :-) cant wait till i get my beta.
+Debbee@ZEvents> ga tc
TC_lawabider> Will the AI cars have damage? Like damage textures. parts flying off, etc.? And can we expect clear windows in the final MM2 like in some current user made cars? (one more possible question) will the dashs' be in 3d? Like if you look to the side will...
TC_lawabider> you see a door/seat and things like that?
Gabe@Midtown2> The AI opponents have the same damge you do, which has been revamped to
Gabe@Midtown2> look more realistic.
Gabe@Midtown2> We're also added breakable parts,
Gabe@Midtown2> so that stuff like headlights on the Mini Cooper
Jay@Midtown2> The new player cars have parts that fly off.
Gabe@Midtown2> or the mirrors on the Audi can fall off.
+Debbee@ZEvents> flup tc?
TC_lawabider> yes please
TC_lawabider> Will you have a choice of headlights like hight beams, low beams, etc.?
TC_lawabider> and will you have a clutch?
TC_lawabider> *high
Jay@Midtown2> lawabider. that's not how you play the game is it?
TC_lawabider> sometimes. lol
Gabe@Midtown2> We've ditch those dorky light cones for a cooler glow effect that models the real way lights attenuate.
TC_lawabider> howese would i get my name? :-)
TC_lawabider> *how else
+Debbee@ZEvents> ga LXR
LXR_jose> I have only one question? The midotwn madness 2 is going to be on MEXICO and how many it will cost?
Jay@Midtown2> If you drive like that in SF, don't forget to look up and
Jay@Midtown2> say hi as I fly over you
Gabe@Midtown2> Wait 'til you see the London traffic. They're light signals are totally alien.
Gabe@Midtown2> Yes, MS is planning to localize in Mexico.
Transit_Master> Will Chicago be able to be an add on for MM2?
Gabe@Midtown2> Dunno, how much. Via Fox!
Gabe@Midtown2> opp, Viva Fox!
+Debbee@ZEvents> ga tranist
Transit_Master> flup: will there be turn signals
Jay@Midtown2> The player doesn't have control over turn signals
Transit_Master> ok, ty Jay
+Debbee@ZEvents> ga LCT
LCT_N_IceCore> Hi, will the AI cars still run into you when you stop in single player? Also will there be a firetruck and/or ambulance added to the emergency fleet?
Jay@Midtown2> Yes, there is a fire truck.
Jay@Midtown2> The AI has been enhanced for MM2
+Debbee@ZEvents> ga snapple
snapplejohn414> I noticed in one video and some pictures that there was a highway in SF that you could theoretically jump from and onto the road below ... will that be possible (or at least similar semi-insane stunts)?
Jay@Midtown2> Way more insane stunts are possible than the video showed,
Jay@Midtown2> THere are landmarks that give you access to roofs,
Gabe@Midtown2> That was Jay driving in the videos, btw.
snapplejohn414> Any teasers you can give for the stunts?
Gabe@Midtown2> I think it was Jay's voice too.
Jay@Midtown2> Try Justin Herman Fountain when you get the game
snapplejohn414> I shall then
Jay@Midtown2> When you're on the roof, don't stop there
Jay@Midtown2> push the envelope
Jay@Midtown2> Also,
Jay@Midtown2> hit the backside of Lombard at about 120MPH
Gabe@Midtown2> That one is cool.
Jay@Midtown2> you'll fly over the entire thing
snapplejohn414> Man, now I'm drooling
snapplejohn414> Can't wait till Oct.
Jay@Midtown2> London has it's share of secrets too
Jay@Midtown2> You can do a barrel roll if you hit one of the monuments right
Gabe@Midtown2> Yep, again the new engine let's you drive on roofs, if you can get to them.
Jay@Midtown2> and there are barges in the river to help you avoid traffic.
Gabe@Midtown2> Yeah, you can catch rides on the barges, if you jump just right.
+Debbee@ZEvents> ga ronzoni
ronzoni> duuuuuudes Midtown 1 rocked! how many race events we go now, and what can
ronzoni> you tell us about crash course?
Jay@Midtown2> Hey, the San Francisco treat
Gabe@Midtown2> Crash course races are really rad.
Jay@Midtown2> MM1 had 64 race events between amatuer and pro,
Jay@Midtown2> MM2 has 180!
Gabe@Midtown2> In CC you get to practice being a movie stunt driver practicing shots.
Gabe@Midtown2> That's for SF, in London you're a Cab driver.
Gabe@Midtown2> For those races you get to try all kinds of wild stuff.
Gabe@Midtown2> One of my favorites is follow that car,
Gabe@Midtown2> where you have to keep pace with a fast car through the city.
Gabe@Midtown2> That one can be really challanging.
+Debbee@ZEvents> ga triger
TRIGERFISH> Was wonderin', will MM2 trafic and buildings be able to receive damage? If so, will it be detailed?
Jay@Midtown2> Some buildings will have breaklable doors and glass
Jay@Midtown2> The ambient traffic won't show damage
TRIGERFISH> Will the pedes have white face
Jay@Midtown2> The ambient vehicles and peds have a lot more variety now. They make the
Jay@Midtown2> cityies look more alive
+Debbee@ZEvents> ga SWT
SWT_saffer311> Hey you guys rock and so does Midtown Madness 1.
Gabe@Midtown2> thanks
SWT_saffer311> When I jump over some buildings the car will go inside the building and it will mess up my screen and start the game all over again. Will it do that in MM2?
Gabe@Midtown2> No, it won't.
Gabe@Midtown2> we made the engine support
SWT_saffer311> cool because i hated that
Gabe@Midtown2> you being able to drive over anything
SWT_saffer311> ok
SWT_saffer311> cool
Gabe@Midtown2> We had to
Gabe@Midtown2> because you get so much air in SF!
Gabe@Midtown2> London's bridges are made for jumping too.
Gabe@Midtown2> I know that's not how they are in real life,
Gabe@Midtown2> but this is more FUN!
+Debbee@ZEvents> ga Zolk
Zolk> Will MM2 have improved AI, so you don't get smashed into while waiting at a red light? noq
Jay@Midtown2> The AI has been enhanced across
Jay@Midtown2> the board
+Debbee@ZEvents> ga JR
JR_KOOL> Hello. I have a AMD K6-2 500 chip with 128 meg ram. will mm2 run smooth on my system or do I need to invest in more ram?...
Jay@Midtown2> Should run fine.
JR_KOOL> thx, noq
RTScpkwetwillie> How much will mm2 cost?
Gabe@Midtown2> We don't set the price, we just make the game.
+Debbee@ZEvents> ga CPD
CPD_GNB288> Hi, I like your chipmunk idea and will be able to drive inside buildings, wreck the stuff in it, drive up stairs or up elevators and do stunts like in MM1? Also...
Gabe@Midtown2> Totally.
CPD_GNB288> will there be gas stations?
Gabe@Midtown2> You can drive through most landmarks.
Gabe@Midtown2> Some buildings are there just to let you get big air.
E_SpeedSter> Hi there! I want to ask if the max players # will be the same of mm1??? And i saw lots of screenshots with a bad graphics quality!!! The graphics will be better than MM1 or will be the same? Last: What are the requirements to play MM2??
Gabe@Midtown2> Those were bad screenshots
Gabe@Midtown2> They were compressed jpegs
Gabe@Midtown2> Anyways, the graphics in MM2 are way better than MM1
Gabe@Midtown2> The requirements are a P233 and 32 MB of Ram with a hardware card.
Gabe@Midtown2> You can use the software renderer if you don't have a HW card
+Debbee@ZEvents> ga long
LongspeedX> Hey! In Single Cruise Mode, if a Ford Mustang Police Cruiser or a Freightliner Fire Truck came by with its sirens on, will the AI vehicles move to the side like in real life?
LongspeedX> Flup, please?
Gabe@Midtown2> No, that would make it way too easy! It's better
Gabe@Midtown2> to plow through with you fire truck!
LongspeedX> Will the City Bus have SF MUNI decals instead of CTA decals?
Gabe@Midtown2> I have to say the siren lights look much cooler.
LongspeedX> Flup, please?
+Debbee@ZEvents> ga
Gabe@Midtown2> No, but we changed updated the cop cars, for both cities.
LongspeedX> .
LongspeedX> Will traffic lights go green for cross AI traffic instead of one at a time?
LongspeedX> Both left and right?
Jay@Midtown2> We have cross traffic in specific intersections,
Jay@Midtown2> it intensifies the driving to see cars going both ways in front of you.
Jay@Midtown2> The peds cross the street now too.
+Debbee@ZEvents> Insider has the last question of the night
+Debbee@ZEvents> ga
InsiderEdge> I think this is a "Technical Support Question" but I have tryd like 50 people and non of there ideas worked. If you know this answer please tell me... Do you know how to get downloaded cars to mm1?
Gabe@Midtown2> Put the *.ar file into your midtown directory.
InsiderEdge> How?
Gabe@Midtown2> if you've got a car .ar file just copy it into your midtown directory
Gabe@Midtown2> if you're exporting the car via the vck, it should create this file at the end of the process
Gabe@Midtown2> if you're dowloading files off the net, you'll get a ar file, ie. vpmalibu.ar
Gabe@Midtown2> Before we close, I'd like to bring up the vehicle physics, which has been worked on alot
Gabe@Midtown2> to give better performance.
Gabe@Midtown2> You can control your power slides now, and car handling is much cooler now.
+Debbee@ZEvents> I'd like to thank Jay and Gabriel for spending time with us tonight. Hope you can come back once Midtown Madness 2 is released! I'd also like to thank all of you for being here as well! Good Night!
Gabe@Midtown2> Thanks for dropping in, guys!
=Jay@Midtown2> Thanks
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