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New Mini Cooper dashboard mod
This mod is replacing the default New Mini Cooper dashboard with a RHD version.
Author: Sajmon14 Downloads:17Uploaded On:Jun 14 2015, 01:52 PMFile Size: 0.13 MB Download File

Asphalt 8 Splash Screen
A nice mod what is changes the original splash screen to new one from Asphalt 8.
Author: matyasd Downloads:152Uploaded On:Aug 31 2014, 07:01 AMFile Size: 0.11 MB Download File

ReVolt Skidmark Sound
A little modification what is changes the original skidmark sound to a new sound from the game: Revolt. It is very funny.
Author: matyasd Downloads:71Uploaded On:Aug 09 2014, 09:11 AMFile Size: 0.01 MB Download File

Sky Patch for Addon Cities
This is a patch to be used with Revisited 5.1 skies mod, it enables the new skies within the following addon cities:
Abandoned City
Abandoned City 2
Archipelago (MM2 version)
Bay City
Country Side
Euro City
Manust City
Palm Sands
Ridge Valley
Rock Desert
UK Bus City
Urban City

More cities will be added soon
Author: N/A Downloads:235Uploaded On:Apr 10 2014, 06:06 PMFile Size: 0 MB Download File

Steir 1.1 (2014 Edition)
This is the 2014 edition of original Steir. It is upgraded to a better mod. The default vehicles are better than original one. There are three major upgrades:

Ford Mustang Fastback: It's gearbox were reduced to 3-speed and it's new uncalculated top speed is 141mph (it will be faster in next version).

Aston Martin DB7 Vantage: It is faster than 200mph, it'll fixed in Steir 1.2.

Panoz GTR-1: It is much faster than original Steir one now, it's calculated top speed is over 310mph. But it has got some launch issues and it will be fixed in the shortest time. But there are new sounds are installed and now, this car's roar are "real".

Also, there are a readme00.txt file inside of the .AR, if you open the .AR file with WinRAR, you'll see the version history.
Author: N/A Downloads:227Uploaded On:Jan 01 2014, 07:53 AMFile Size: 0.63 MB Download File

Steir 1.0
This is my first mod, this mod includes a new tune (00.ar) for default cars except cops. Some of the vehicles are faster than original tune and some of them are slightly improved. The most notable improvement is Panoz GTR-1, because it's power were increased, due to increasing power are written in showcase. Also, suspensions of vehicle are fixed (originally, it's rear was crashing to ground if the car are going faster than 200mph).

Also, it includes new sounds for Ford Mustang Fastback.

Author: N/A Downloads:147Uploaded On:Dec 28 2013, 05:03 AMFile Size: 0.5 MB Download File

New York Siren
This is the siren that I found from the first new york city and made it satable and compatable to use for mm2
Author: N/A Downloads:470Uploaded On:Mar 05 2012, 11:20 AMFile Size: 0.96 MB Download File

Light mod Pack
this is my mod of light which lights amend jugego default for these new lights,
to amend the traffic of cars and by default, the mod is divided into 3 different types of
Lights:!! 14_Flash mod.ar,!! 14_Xenom _mod!. ar,!! 14_Yellow mod.ar
Author: jorge14 Downloads:365Uploaded On:Jan 24 2012, 05:16 PMFile Size: 0.6 MB Download File

Reflection Mod
This is a beautiful reflection mod mad by jorge14. This mod changes the reflection textures of the default MM2 cars.
Author: jorge14 Downloads:371Uploaded On:Jul 29 2011, 02:51 PMFile Size: 0.24 MB Download File

New Garage
It replaces the background of car selection screen from the bland and ordinary MM2 dark-blue into a stylish car showroom background.
Author: jorge14 Downloads:647Uploaded On:Jul 26 2011, 07:20 PMFile Size: 0.28 MB Download File

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