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Mazda 3 Tuned
First car ever made for MM2 which has a realstic NOS that shoots out flames from its exhaust pipes.
Author: b12man Franch88 HummersRock Silent1Unknown Downloads:791Uploaded On:Jun 21 2009, 12:28 PMFile Size: 2.44 MB Download File

Mazda Veilside RX-8
Sports sedan.
Author: Neela Riva Downloads:306Uploaded On:Jun 01 2009, 10:20 PMFile Size: 11.63 MB Download File

Mazda RX-7
2 breakable objects.

Tip: This car's basename conflicts with this car's basename (vpbmw69m).
Author: _RicH_DawG_ g2muzic Downloads:327Uploaded On:Jun 01 2009, 09:35 PMFile Size: 0.46 MB Download File

Mazda RX-7 V
This is a nice car made by g2muzic. It has weird lights, an interior, breakable doors, and a few paintjobs. Just an ok, average car.

2 breakable objects.

Tip: This car's basename conflicts with this car's basename (vpbmw69m).
Author: g2muzic Downloads:276Uploaded On:Jun 01 2009, 09:35 PMFile Size: 0.26 MB Download File

Mazda MX-5
5 breakable objects.
Author: Gresley Downloads:276Uploaded On:Jun 01 2009, 09:34 PMFile Size: 0.97 MB Download File

2004 Mazda RX-8
Mazda RX-8 created by Scw and converted Riva; it has a great 3D model with semi-trasparent windows, 8 breakable parts, 3D wheels, 11 paintjobs, a 3D interior with driver, new sounds and a default dashboard.
Author: Riva Scw Downloads:251Uploaded On:Jun 01 2009, 09:33 PMFile Size: 3.29 MB Download File

Mazda RX-7 FD - Beta
Author: Stereo Downloads:360Uploaded On:Jun 01 2009, 09:33 PMFile Size: 2.14 MB Download File

Mazda Autozam AZ-1
1 breakable object.
Author: Taku Inoue C-Wing Downloads:223Uploaded On:Jun 01 2009, 09:33 PMFile Size: 0.62 MB Download File

Mazda Speed 3
This car is converted for MM2 by Franch88 using a conversion of the NFS Carbon model made by AirOne. It has a very nice model and textures, a very good dashboard, realistic tuning, good sounds, 4 original colors and damages with breakable parts.
Author: Franch88 AirOne Downloads:435Uploaded On:Apr 14 2009, 10:55 PMFile Size: 5.98 MB Download File

Mazda RX7 FD3S - APEX
Japanese D1 Grand Prix car.
Author: syoryu Downloads:712Uploaded On:Jun 07 2008, 09:31 PMFile Size: 1.24 MB Download File

Mazda RX-7 Veilside Fortune
-8 Paintjobs
-5 Neons
-4 Breakables
-Spinner rims
-Nice handling and nice drift-ability.
-No dash, half-@$$ interior.
Author: Silent1Unknown Downloads:1,196Uploaded On:Mar 05 2008, 08:36 PMFile Size: 1.67 MB Download File

Mazda RX-7 VeilSide Fortune FD

Mazda RX-7 VeilSide Fortune FD v2.0

And here it is - Han's car from "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift" movie! And be sure, it really drifts!
This high-poly car is converted from GTA: SA.
It has day/night lights, new camera, new sounds, drifting performance, 4 combo paintjobs (including the original one from the movie).
However, it lacks in interior, dashboard and breakable objects/damage textures.
A decent convert, which, for sure, will interest the drift fans.
Author: syoryu Downloads:964Uploaded On:Jan 11 2008, 08:15 AMFile Size: 2.55 MB Download File

Mazda RX-7 FD3S Drift Edition
Mazda RX-7 FD3S Drift Edition
A pure japanese drift machine!
You could notice this car on this Youtube video (submitted by syoryu1993) and you might wondered where could you get it. Well, here it is!
This is a conversion, probably converted from a racing simulator Racer. The car body is well-done and has reasonable amount of polys. The textures are in great quality all around.
What is particularly noticeable about this car is that it has complete drifting handling and perfomance. This car is easy to control though, and handbrake makes it even more easier at some loose corners. It spins its wheels as soon as you put throttle on it, it even does it on the 6th gear from zero speed! But, if you wait through a little on a minimum throttle and then full again, you'll get an impressive speed of 238 mph.
The interior is NFS-styled, but you won't see it anyway because the windows aren't transparent.
Comes in 4 bright paintjobs, with day/night lights, new camera view, new custom sounds, but with no damage effect.
A recommended download!
Author: syoryu Downloads:1,369Uploaded On:Jan 01 2008, 11:29 PMFile Size: 2.02 MB Download File

Mazda RX-8 MazdaSpeed Drift Edition
- tinted windows
- default dashboard from Audi TT
Author: syoryu Downloads:1,272Uploaded On:Dec 31 2007, 11:57 AMFile Size: 1.11 MB Download File

Mazda Miata Light Tune
Author: syoryu Downloads:583Uploaded On:Dec 31 2007, 11:55 AMFile Size: 1.55 MB Download File

Mazda 3
One of my first cars.
-8 paintjobs
-neon underglow
Author: Silent1Unknown Downloads:801Uploaded On:Oct 15 2007, 08:35 PMFile Size: 0.73 MB Download File

Mazda RX-8 - 2004
Original model by SheryO.
Author: Riva SheryO Downloads:1,659Uploaded On:Sep 08 2006, 03:50 PMFile Size: 4.25 MB Download File

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