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Honda del Sol
My new car from Forza Motorsport 3. Has got showcase, good tuning.
Author: matyasd Downloads:142Uploaded On:Jul 16 2014, 11:07 AMFile Size: 2.41 MB Download File

Honda CRX
Sports car.
Author: N/A Downloads:237Uploaded On:Dec 27 2013, 06:05 AMFile Size: 1.12 MB Download File

Honda S2000 Chargespeed WBK
Converted from the Game Juiced 2 HiN.

There are two patches of textures for users with lower-end computers: the medium-quality texture patch and the low-quality texture patch.
Author: Juice Games Drift King Riva Downloads:417Uploaded On:Jun 17 2009, 11:02 PMFile Size: 9.62 MB Download File

Honda CRX 16v
Author: N/A Downloads:266Uploaded On:Jun 01 2009, 09:35 PMFile Size: 1.04 MB Download File

Honda CRX
Author: N/A Downloads:237Uploaded On:Jun 01 2009, 09:34 PMFile Size: 1.17 MB Download File

Honda S2000 VTEC
Author: Lct2_c_sk8er Downloads:260Uploaded On:Jun 01 2009, 09:34 PMFile Size: 2.31 MB Download File

Honda S2000
Author: Taku Inoue Ryuji KAINOH Downloads:322Uploaded On:Jun 01 2009, 09:33 PMFile Size: 0.48 MB Download File

Honda Superhawk
Author: DevilsDog9 Downloads:300Uploaded On:Jun 01 2009, 09:33 PMFile Size: 1.97 MB Download File

Honda NSR 500
Author: RCBandito Downloads:305Uploaded On:Jun 01 2009, 09:33 PMFile Size: 0.83 MB Download File

Honda Civic VTEC
Author: N/A Downloads:297Uploaded On:Jun 01 2009, 09:32 PMFile Size: 0.43 MB Download File

Honda Fit
This is the nice Honda Fit that has a very good 3D model with nice details, very good textures, a very good dashboard made by VW-Tuner-Oburg, good performances and driving, very good sounds, 7 colors and damages with breakable parts. Original model made by BMTeam and converted by Franch88 and Toyzidro
Author: BMteam Franch88 Toyzidro vw-tuner-oburg Downloads:1,112Uploaded On:Aug 24 2008, 08:09 PMFile Size: 5.76 MB Download File

Honda Civic SI Tune
This is a 2006 Honda civic SI 4x4 off road tune Converted from Need for speed pro street by Riva. The Tune was done by MRP Johnnie and features four wheel drive, increased horsepower, and raised suspension.
It also has a dash by VW-Tuner-Oburg. **not recommended for on road use**
Author: Electronic Arts Riva vw-tuner-oburg Madn3ss Racing Productions Downloads:492Uploaded On:Jul 25 2008, 12:37 PMFile Size: 4.85 MB Download File

Honda Civic Si - 2006
Conversion of a stock NFS Pro Street Car.
Author: Electronic Arts Riva vw-tuner-oburg Downloads:906Uploaded On:Jun 28 2008, 08:20 PMFile Size: 4.85 MB Download File

Honda S2000
A model made originally by TerrenceSG but imported too MM2 by GT of 3D Autos. Driving is a little slippery, even when there is no rain. GT also put in a new camera set that moves a little more gracefully and in coordination with the car than the original MM cameras.
Author: 3D Autos TerrenceSG Burner Downloads:1,343Uploaded On:Nov 13 2007, 04:54 PMFile Size: 4.34 MB Download File

Honda Civic Type-R
A nice civic made just for MM2.
Author: HQTM-Team Downloads:1,473Uploaded On:Jan 20 2007, 01:25 PMFile Size: 4.23 MB Download File

Honda Integra Type-R
Generic converted racecar with base tuning.
Author: UCIU Downloads:2,995Uploaded On:Sep 08 2006, 01:49 PMFile Size: 1.35 MB Download File

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