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Crashed FO2 Sedan
Car coming from the game Flatout 2 converted by Matyii. It has a low-poly model with its original textures. 1 original colour. Sounds are coming from the game GTA: SA. Has a new tuning and no dashboard.
Author: matyasd Downloads:17Uploaded On:Mar 29 2015, 12:48 PMFile Size: 0.32 MB Download File

Flatout 2 sedan Convertible
Flatout 2 sedan turned into a convertible. Has Audi TT sounds and tuning
Author: mm1expert Downloads:63Uploaded On:Jun 22 2014, 05:13 PMFile Size: 0.63 MB Download File

1997 Acura NSX
"1997 Acura NSX (a.k.a. Honda NSX)" for Midtown Madness 2.

Orignal model from "Forza Motorsport 3".
Brake disc texture from "Need For Speed SHIFT2".
Convert,optimize,edited by "Neflection".

-This mod overview-
Total 38,526 polygons. (Incl Break parts,lights,Driver parts.)
Official car coloring. (7 colors)
Like too much car performance.
7 Break parts.
Damage textures. (Window,Lights only)
Night textures. (Lights only)
Have car show case picture.
Have driver model.
Author: Neflection Downloads:175Uploaded On:Mar 01 2012, 11:46 AMFile Size: 1.86 MB Download File

1997 Acura NSX
1997 Acura NSX (a.k.a. Honda NSX) for Midtown Madness 2.

Original model from "Forza Motorsport 3".
Converted, optimized, and edited by "Neflection".

-This car overview-
Total 30,973 polygons. (Incl Break parts,lights.)
Official car coloring. (7 colors)
Like too much car performance.
7 Break parts.
Damage textures. (Window,Lights only)
Night textures. (Lights only)
Has a car showcase picture.

Enjoy This vehicle.
Author: Neflection Downloads:206Uploaded On:Feb 20 2012, 08:24 PMFile Size: 2.1 MB Download File

1999 Acura Integra Type-R
This is my 2nd Conversion
Author: MM2Car carking1996 Downloads:418Uploaded On:Jul 06 2011, 04:47 PMFile Size: 0.53 MB Download File

2001 Acura Integra Type-R
This is a great car by Agustin26. It has a low polygons 3d model with interior and a driver model, very realistic lights, and a good dash. Overall, I like this car.
Author: Agustin26 Sin5k4 Downloads:259Uploaded On:Sep 04 2010, 06:20 AMFile Size: 2.21 MB Download File

Acura Integra Type-R
Author: Lct2_c_sk8er Downloads:217Uploaded On:Jun 01 2009, 09:34 PMFile Size: 0.46 MB Download File

Acura NSX Type R
Author: AlphaGT_mtmmmz Downloads:278Uploaded On:Jun 01 2009, 09:33 PMFile Size: 0.75 MB Download File

Acura NSX
Author: zZenom fivespeed AlphaFox Downloads:318Uploaded On:Jun 01 2009, 09:33 PMFile Size: 2.01 MB Download File

Ikarus 280
Author: HQTM-Team Downloads:787Uploaded On:Jan 20 2007, 01:35 PMFile Size: 7.96 MB Download File

Author: HQTM-Team Downloads:851Uploaded On:Jan 20 2007, 12:33 PMFile Size: 5.93 MB Download File

Author: HQTM-Team Downloads:1,334Uploaded On:Jan 20 2007, 11:50 AMFile Size: 4.5 MB Download File

Renault Laguna
Author: HQTM-Team Downloads:1,352Uploaded On:Jan 20 2007, 11:34 AMFile Size: 4.69 MB Download File

Black Acura
Author: N/A Downloads:623Uploaded On:Jan 10 2007, 03:57 PMFile Size: 1.42 MB Download File

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