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Wartburg 353W Pack
Scratch made carpack of two cars by Nitro Team. It features a very good 3D model with very good textures, a very nice dashboard, realistic tuning and sounds, 6 colors for the 1966 year version and 4 colors for the 1988 year version, and damages with textures and breakable parts.
Author: Nitro Team Downloads:53Uploaded On:Jul 11 2016, 08:04 AMFile Size: 3.86 MB Download File

Chariot Romero
This KingAndy's car conversion is the first hearse available online for Midtown Madness 2. Converted from the game GTA V, it features a very nice model, very nice textures, an HD dashboard that fits in 16:9 screen ratio, appropriate tuning, new nice sounds taken from GTA V, 1 color and damages with breakable parts.
Part of KingAndy's 2015 Halloween gift.
Author: KingAndy Rockstar Games Downloads:33Uploaded On:Jun 23 2016, 06:51 PMFile Size: 3.43 MB Download File

A modified pickup truck from Call of Duty Black Ops II. It features 1 color, 4 breakable parts, sounds converted from Test Drive Unlimited 2.
Author: N/A Downloads:37Uploaded On:May 13 2016, 07:56 AMFile Size: 3.87 MB Download File

Peterbilt 359 Dreadnought
This truck is from the 2008 movie "Death Race", all built from scratch by e-cobra. It features a very nice 3D model with very nice textures, a good dashboard that fits 16:9 wide screen ratio, new great sounds and nice realistic tuning. Among all these, it has damages with 3D damage effects, where the front part gets crumpled by do hits.
Author: N/A Downloads:98Uploaded On:Apr 07 2016, 12:12 AMFile Size: 6.7 MB Download File

Tata 1616 NMMT Bus
This Indian bus, based on Tata 1616's chassis, is a very nice scratch-built realization by e-cobra. It features a very nice model, good textures, good unique dashboard, animated wipers in rainy weather, realistic tuning and handling, new very good sounds, 3 paintjobs, and damages with 7 breakable parts and damages textures made separately as patch.
Author: N/A Downloads:55Uploaded On:Apr 07 2016, 12:06 AMFile Size: 3.41 MB Download File

Armoured Vehicle
First release by e-cobra. It's a scratch-built vehicle based on a real scale model that features: nice low polygons 3D model with good textures, the default LTV dashboard, good sounds, proper tuning, 4 paintjobs and damages with 2 breakable parts.
Author: N/A Downloads:29Uploaded On:Oct 03 2015, 02:09 AMFile Size: 3.23 MB Download File

Lo-Poly Pickup
This is a low polygon pickup truck made by e-cobra.
Author: N/A Downloads:14Uploaded On:Oct 03 2015, 01:48 AMFile Size: 4.44 MB Download File

Boomshine Walton
Car coming from the game Flatout 2 converted by Matyii. It has a low-poly model with its original textures. 1 original colour. Sounds are coming from the game GTA: SA. Has a new tuning and no dashboard.
Author: matyasd Downloads:80Uploaded On:May 23 2015, 01:12 PMFile Size: 0.33 MB Download File

Car coming from the game GTA Vice City converted by Matyii. It has a low-poly model with its original textures. 5 original colours. Sounds are coming from the game GTA VC. Has a new tuning and no dashboard.
Author: matyasd Downloads:83Uploaded On:Mar 29 2015, 01:01 PMFile Size: 0.29 MB Download File

Hot Hatch
Car coming from the game NFS High Stakes converted by Matyii. It has a low-poly model with its original textures. 1 original colour. Sounds are coming from the game Driver SF. Has a new tuning and no dashboard.
Author: matyasd Downloads:19Uploaded On:Mar 29 2015, 12:58 PMFile Size: 0.34 MB Download File

Ariel Atom
This vehicle features a detailed 3D model coming from Toca Race Driver 3, as well as realistic performances and handling.
Author: Sajmon14 Downloads:103Uploaded On:Feb 19 2015, 04:44 PMFile Size: 5.28 MB Download File

Insurrection Turbo XRZ5
A very nice car coming from the game GTA Vice City Stories Beta converted by: Matyii. It has a very nice model with very nice textures. It has 1 original colour. The very nice sounds are coming from the game NFS Carbon. Good tuning. No dashboard and damages without effects.
Author: matyasd Downloads:60Uploaded On:Jan 20 2015, 12:28 PMFile Size: 0.91 MB Download File

Vaaaa Killer #1 Roadroller
This is the Vaaaa Killer #1 Roadroller from one of my stories. It is my first vehicle. It was released long ago at MM2x.
Author: Seahawk Downloads:50Uploaded On:Jan 03 2015, 07:26 AMFile Size: 2.04 MB Download File

Revolt Cougar
Nice car coming from ReVolt. Sound were originally from Revolt. Has a very nice showcase. There is a funny, speedy tuning for it. No dashboard. The car is unbreakable.
Author: matyasd Downloads:326Uploaded On:Nov 08 2014, 07:17 AMFile Size: 0.61 MB Download File

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