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NFS3 Placeholder A
Placeholder A from Need for speed III

-Sounds from Midtown Madness 2

-Showcase and Unlock picture

-1 Color

-Tuning from GTR-1
Author: mm1expert Downloads:40Uploaded On:May 07 2015, 05:35 PMFile Size: 0.64 MB Download File

Crash Time 3 Traffic Sedan
Traffic Sedan from Crash Time 3

-Sounds from Crash Time 3

-Showcase and Unlock picture

-4 Colors (Black,Blue,Green,Silver)

-Tuning from Audi TT
Author: mm1expert Downloads:41Uploaded On:May 06 2015, 05:54 PMFile Size: 7.41 MB Download File

CT5 Traffic Semir 3.0L
CT5 Traffic Semir 3.0L from Crash Time 5 Undercover

-Sounds from Crash Time 3

-Showcase and Unlock picture

-5 Colors Black,Red,Gray,White,Blue

-Custom Tuning
Author: mm1expert Downloads:68Uploaded On:Jan 25 2015, 04:56 PMFile Size: 3.91 MB Download File

Crash Time Monsun Police
Monsun police (Traffic Car) from Crash Time: Autobahn Pursuit.

-Working lights and siren
-Audi TT tuning and sounds
-2 Breakables
-Police driver from Crash Time: Autobahn Pursuit
-Siren from Crash Time: Autobahn Pursuit
-3 Skins (Older Polizei from CT, Newer Polizei from CT2 and AFC11 Nirto Polizei)
Author: mm1expert Downloads:195Uploaded On:Nov 04 2014, 03:05 PMFile Size: 2.87 MB Download File

Rancher Police
The famous Rancher Police coming from GTA : San Andreas. There is the original engine sounds originally from the game, custom showcase, good tuning, !!!vehtypes_all.ar file for proper sirens, no dash.
Author: matyasd Downloads:319Uploaded On:Oct 02 2014, 11:01 AMFile Size: 1.12 MB Download File

USA Racer Traffic Sedan
Traffic sedan from USA Racer, has Audi TT sounds and a modified Audi TT tuning
Author: mm1expert Downloads:81Uploaded On:Sep 28 2014, 06:11 PMFile Size: 0.63 MB Download File

Flatout 2 sedan Convertible V2
Flatout 2 sedan Convertible V2

-Added the player's driver from MCSR
-Fixed steering wheel texture bug that came with the model from Flatout 2
-Moved HLIGHT, TLIGHT and RLIGHT objects to fit the car more
-Bound fits the car more
-Removed some unneeded polygons
Author: mm1expert Downloads:76Uploaded On:Aug 22 2014, 05:07 PMFile Size: 0.74 MB Download File

Flatout 2 Sedan V2
Flatout 2 sedan V2

-Added the player's driver from MCSR
-Fixed steering wheel texture bug that came with the model from Flatout 2
-Moved HLIGHT, TLIGHT and RLIGHT objects to fit the car more
-Bound fits the car more
-Fixed vehicle select screen sound
Author: mm1expert Downloads:61Uploaded On:Aug 22 2014, 05:00 PMFile Size: 0.74 MB Download File

The simple Caddy from GTA:Vice City. It uses a new custom sound, custom showcase, and a Tommy driver in the vehicle. No dash.
Author: matyasd Downloads:157Uploaded On:Aug 03 2014, 10:47 AMFile Size: 1.02 MB Download File

Team NOS Golf Cart
Golf Cart with NOS Feature, horn does have some Bad words in it.
Author: N/A Downloads:153Uploaded On:Jul 19 2014, 07:59 PMFile Size: 3.58 MB Download File

My new car from ReVolt beta. No bugs with it.
Author: matyasd Downloads:90Uploaded On:Jul 08 2014, 05:04 AMFile Size: 0.67 MB Download File

Sports car
Basic car with Audi TT sounds and tuning
Author: mm1expert Downloads:107Uploaded On:Jun 19 2014, 07:40 PMFile Size: 0.54 MB Download File

Tractor Same Explorer 95hp
Tractor Same Explorer 95hp, with a special view from the cab.
Author: N/A Downloads:349Uploaded On:Jan 08 2014, 05:36 PMFile Size: 0.9 MB Download File

Bobcat Dragster
Riva's very earliest car. The edited GTA3 Bobcat.
Author: Riva Downloads:226Uploaded On:Dec 22 2013, 05:36 AMFile Size: 2.43 MB Download File

Tofaº Sahin Tuning
Nice car.
Author: MM2BR Downloads:229Uploaded On:Dec 21 2013, 12:57 PMFile Size: 5.72 MB Download File

The Snowplow (From MM1) Converted to MM2.
Author: N/A Downloads:272Uploaded On:Oct 11 2013, 08:33 AMFile Size: 0.91 MB Download File

Converted from RE-Volt. Original Panoz Gtr-1 Sounds
Author: N/A Downloads:189Uploaded On:Oct 11 2013, 08:24 AMFile Size: 0.3 MB Download File

Trashed Cop Car
A very crashed cop car with working sirens. The 4.th wheel is only a brake. Original Aston Martin DB7 sounds.
Author: N/A Downloads:183Uploaded On:Oct 11 2013, 08:13 AMFile Size: 0.68 MB Download File

Mobile Phone
Nice scatch made car by a unknown author. Original Audi TT sounds.
Author: N/A Downloads:284Uploaded On:Oct 05 2013, 11:45 AMFile Size: 1.06 MB Download File

TCZ Espirito Mk2
A nice Scratch model by Nath.
Author: Nath Downloads:261Uploaded On:Sep 06 2013, 10:08 AMFile Size: 0.95 MB Download File

El Toro Loco
Original game : Monster Jam - Modeling : Activision - GTA version : DERK7 - MM2 version : Riva
Author: Riva Downloads:522Uploaded On:Jan 24 2011, 04:50 PMFile Size: 4.91 MB Download File

2010 Devon GTX
Original game : Forza Motorsport 3 - Modeling : Turn 10 Studios - Conversion : Riva - Dashboard : Riva
Author: Riva Downloads:250Uploaded On:Oct 11 2010, 10:45 AMFile Size: 4.72 MB Download File

Hunter Cavalry
This is Kunal2045's first car conversion. It is from Burnout Paradise. It has 6 paintjobs, an interior, a great dash by Agustin26, no driver, nice tuning, a showcase and awesome sounds. Great first release!
Author: Kunal2045 Agustin26 Downloads:348Uploaded On:Oct 03 2010, 10:51 AMFile Size: 2.43 MB Download File

This is one fast car! The author is MOR_DRAGON. It includes I paintjob, no interior, no lights, and no breakables. It has a top speed of 216 mph.
Author: MRO_DRAGON Downloads:430Uploaded On:Sep 12 2010, 06:58 AMFile Size: 1.03 MB Download File

This is a tractor made by ZO_SPEED7. It has an interior with a driver model, a dash, fast tuning, no showcase, and no lights. It also has some transparencies problems visible in the picture below.
Author: ZO_Speed7 Downloads:397Uploaded On:Sep 11 2010, 05:34 PMFile Size: 1.12 MB Download File

Old Timer
A simple car from the early days of Midtown Madness 2 mods. It's similar to the Panoz GTR-1.
Author: Speedmonster Downloads:552Uploaded On:Aug 02 2010, 01:15 AMFile Size: 2.52 MB Download File

Sometimes you can see cops flying around and your car's durability is low, nitro is strong
Download and see...
Author: Twannie1997 Downloads:498Uploaded On:Mar 17 2010, 11:23 AMFile Size: 0.06 MB Download File

Sultan RS
This car features a very good model with very good textrues converted from GTA IV game, new nice sounds, good tuning, a very good dashboard, 6 paintjobs and damages without effects.
Converted from a GTA San Andreas conversion of the GTA IV model made by Automan.
Author: Sajmon14 Rockstar Games Automan Downloads:464Uploaded On:Jun 08 2009, 09:56 AMFile Size: 3.33 MB Download File

TrackMania StadiumCar
Serious racing car, fast.
Author: MNS-Creeations Downloads:410Uploaded On:Apr 17 2009, 10:10 PMFile Size: 12.93 MB Download File

Moon Rover V2
This is a modified version of the Moon Rover, intended to appear in MM2 but cut from the final release. It has come a long way from that missle thing on wheels. It now has several new fetures, like multiple colors, a dash, damage textures, new sounds, much better tuning, a custom showcase image, and description on the lower left corner of the selection screen, and more!
Author: dummiesboy Downloads:332Uploaded On:Apr 13 2009, 10:10 PMFile Size: 2.2 MB Download File

This is FBI-Agents first model, custom sounds, dash, 6 colors.
Author: FBI-Agent Downloads:160Uploaded On:Apr 04 2009, 06:49 PMFile Size: 1.78 MB Download File

Converted racing car. 4WD. Extra warning lights. Neon glow at night. Petrol control. But very screeching sounds.
Author: kchanshinobi Downloads:310Uploaded On:Mar 08 2009, 10:14 AMFile Size: 0.83 MB Download File

EXAGE Design Concept
This is a high-speed concept car. Very futurustic, fantastical. Limars modeled it, Riva imported it to MM2.

The default version of the AR has HQ textures but you can install either low-quality or medium-quality textures by extracting either the "!!patch_riva_exa_LQ_tex.ar" or "!!patch_riva_exa_MQ_tex.ar" file into the MM2 folder.
Author: David Limars Riva Downloads:314Uploaded On:Mar 06 2009, 10:47 PMFile Size: 40.99 MB Download File

Underground Train
This is a conversion of the subway train in London, made drivable. It handles very well, and will destroy anything in it's path! It also features 2 paint jobs. One makes it look like the one that comes with MM2 Revisited, and the other makes it look like the default one that comes with the game.
Author: dummiesboy Downloads:799Uploaded On:Feb 19 2009, 08:37 PMFile Size: 1.58 MB Download File

Drivable Tram
A tram converted by MNS creations and made drivable by Matt1314. Its really fun! try it
Author: MNS-Creeations Matt1314 HummersRock Downloads:773Uploaded On:Nov 30 2008, 07:56 PMFile Size: 0.82 MB Download File

B10B Wright Endurance
A B10B Wright Endurance bus. This was created as a first model by Bradley Evans (aka Evo). Please enjoy this, as it took me quite a lot of time to get it working.
The wheels are not mine, they belong to Nathan (aka Spud), so all the credit goes to him there.
Author: evo Downloads:601Uploaded On:Oct 21 2008, 12:18 PMFile Size: 1.25 MB Download File

Koenig Specials SEC
Very nice car converted by Riva from GTA SA that features a great detailed 3D model with interior, very good textures, a very good dashboard, realistic performances, new nice sounds, several showy colors and damages without effects.
Author: Riva vw-tuner-oburg Downloads:436Uploaded On:Oct 18 2008, 07:31 PMFile Size: 3.97 MB Download File

A box. Conceptual test by this internationally-loved community member.
Author: tonywolfe121 Downloads:389Uploaded On:Sep 03 2008, 06:40 PMFile Size: 1.59 MB Download File

Vector Wiegert W8 Twin Turbo
Vector Wiegert W8 Twin Turbo now hits Midtown Madness 2 for the first time, with an high resolution texture. This model includes actuate 3D model, lights, sounds and handling. It comes with a nice anime paintjob.
Converted by Kumachan (a member from Kchanshinobi Conversions). This model was converted from Gran Turismo 2 by Adamodell for Re-Volt, then converted from Re-Volt to Midtown Madness 2. Enjoy it.
Author: Adamodell Robenue a.k.a. Kumachan Downloads:484Uploaded On:Aug 17 2008, 06:58 PMFile Size: 0.51 MB Download File

Yes, the Toyeca. This car was converted from Re-Volt into Midtown Madness 2 by Robenue a.k.a. Kumachan. This converted low poly model car contains, original sounds from Re-Volt, nice engine performances and showcase screens. It has no dash as the model, as usual RC cars, don't have a dash. Top speed is around 143 MPH.
Author: Robenue a.k.a. Kumachan Downloads:369Uploaded On:Aug 17 2008, 06:00 PMFile Size: 0.79 MB Download File

The Utah Teapot for MM2. Sounds and tuning from Panoz Roadster, no damage. More tea, vicar?
Author: Manust Downloads:495Uploaded On:Jul 20 2008, 05:02 PMFile Size: 0.03 MB Download File

This is the trolly that you see driving around SF. Sounds are from in-game. Hits curbs, naturally.
Author: HummersRock Downloads:672Uploaded On:Jul 15 2008, 10:58 AMFile Size: 0.82 MB Download File

BNSports 180SX
A recent syoryu conversion.
Author: syoryu Downloads:575Uploaded On:May 18 2008, 08:46 AMFile Size: 1.37 MB Download File

Knight Industries 2000 (KITT)
A recreation of the KITT car from the TV series. One of first vehicles made for MM2. With realistic model, 3D interior, and a nice dash.
Author: MooDog Downloads:919Uploaded On:May 15 2008, 07:42 PMFile Size: 0.91 MB Download File

The Judge 5000 SV
Fictitious race car, with fast acceleration--first car I was able to get the end of Speed Track quickly in. Converted from the game Crashday. Looks stunningly realistic, rendering like a 3DS Max model. Hit the brakes for a kind, humbling message from the authors.
Author: MM2 Team Germany D3 N4STY Downloads:532Uploaded On:May 03 2008, 09:01 PMFile Size: 4.93 MB Download File

Small Ship
Hovering little vehicle with invisible wheels. Has neons at night.
Author: Coolguy102 Downloads:401Uploaded On:Apr 07 2008, 03:20 PMFile Size: 0.2 MB Download File

1986 Peterbilt 379 "Linerunner"
Here's a new MM2 mod with the low poly cars of GTA San Andreas (3D models, textures). Original MM2 dashboards (modified by me), realistic sounds, handling, shadow, US licence plates (1950 to 1990), damage textures and official paintjobs but also new realistic wheels.
Author: Riva Downloads:1,127Uploaded On:Feb 18 2008, 03:22 PMFile Size: 2.31 MB Download File

1969 GM TDH-5303
Find out the new MM2 bus also known in the famous movie called "Speed", the 1969 GM TDH-5303, an excellent bus for video game. What's about features ? One official paintjob, five breakable objects, dashboard and sounds from Angel Studios. Realistic shadow and handling. Scratch-made by Carface for GTA San Andreas, converted by Riva for MM2.
Author: Riva Carface Downloads:274Uploaded On:Feb 18 2008, 10:01 AMFile Size: 4.21 MB Download File

SsangYong Chairman
Author: ken7394 Downloads:1,025Uploaded On:Feb 16 2008, 07:49 PMFile Size: 1.26 MB Download File

Super Olympian NWFB 5102
Multi-liveried, double-decker bus. This one is abit unique in the sense that it has a JPEG texture for the interior in place of the usual 3D inside. It also changes all the AI police cars to be this bus.
Author: lugia Downloads:681Uploaded On:Feb 10 2008, 04:27 PMFile Size: 19.97 MB Download File

TWM Metrobus
Here's one for the bus nuts. A bus that actually drive like a bus.
Author: man1333 Downloads:695Uploaded On:Nov 23 2007, 09:29 PMFile Size: 3.15 MB Download File

Ghostbusters Ecto
Author: N/A Downloads:1,115Uploaded On:Oct 28 2007, 06:26 PMFile Size: 1.41 MB Download File

This file contains a car in the shape of a nude human female body and sounds of a pornographic nature. Do not download this if you are under 18 or are unable to handle the sight of female anatomy.
Author: N/A Downloads:1,203Uploaded On:Oct 28 2007, 06:12 PMFile Size: 0.52 MB Download File

Author: Molki Downloads:516Uploaded On:Oct 28 2007, 06:12 PMFile Size: 0.85 MB Download File

Red Shark dune buggy
Author: Legoguy Downloads:522Uploaded On:Oct 28 2007, 06:12 PMFile Size: 1.78 MB Download File

Red Rocket
Author: HPB_Forever Downloads:884Uploaded On:Oct 28 2007, 06:12 PMFile Size: 1.27 MB Download File

Author: Molki Downloads:836Uploaded On:Oct 28 2007, 06:12 PMFile Size: 0.67 MB Download File

Author: YasinT Downloads:486Uploaded On:Oct 28 2007, 06:12 PMFile Size: 0.53 MB Download File

Mouse vehicle.
Author: N/A Downloads:828Uploaded On:Oct 28 2007, 06:12 PMFile Size: 0.04 MB Download File

Moon Rover
This vehicle is extracted from the MM2 base. It was originally intended to be in the game but time ran out to perfect it.
Author: HPB_Forever Downloads:523Uploaded On:Oct 28 2007, 06:12 PMFile Size: 0.25 MB Download File

Missile Truck
Author: Silverwolf Downloads:1,044Uploaded On:Oct 28 2007, 06:12 PMFile Size: 1.28 MB Download File

Mad Max
Author: Debug Downloads:702Uploaded On:Oct 28 2007, 06:12 PMFile Size: 1.44 MB Download File

KITT Transporter
Author: N/A Downloads:1,293Uploaded On:Oct 28 2007, 06:12 PMFile Size: 1.23 MB Download File

Industrial Truck
Author: pentiumuser Downloads:768Uploaded On:Oct 28 2007, 06:12 PMFile Size: 0.5 MB Download File

Author: HotWheel Downloads:693Uploaded On:Oct 28 2007, 06:12 PMFile Size: 0.52 MB Download File

Fleetwood Pace Arrow
Author: Mr_Sparkle Downloads:573Uploaded On:Oct 28 2007, 06:12 PMFile Size: 2.77 MB Download File

Bicycle [Fahrrad]
Author: Manust Downloads:1,656Uploaded On:Oct 28 2007, 06:12 PMFile Size: 0.42 MB Download File

Author: Spike1987 Downloads:1,550Uploaded On:Oct 28 2007, 06:12 PMFile Size: 0.54 MB Download File

Cobra 427
Author: Gresley Downloads:736Uploaded On:Oct 28 2007, 06:12 PMFile Size: 1.12 MB Download File

Author: Thierry Benelli Downloads:1,013Uploaded On:Oct 28 2007, 06:12 PMFile Size: 0.12 MB Download File

Alpha Concept Coupe
Futuristic-looking car, not based off of any particular one but rather a concept car (hence the name). Converted from NFS to MM2 by Dark Ritual.
Author: Murcielagos Downloads:576Uploaded On:Oct 25 2007, 07:18 PMFile Size: 3.35 MB Download File

Gold Bar
Car that floats and looks like Midtown Madness 2 CnR Gold bar.
Author: g2muzic Downloads:826Uploaded On:Aug 08 2007, 10:28 PMFile Size: 0.14 MB Download File

Neptune i250
From the author:
"My first car! This car is totally made from scratch, and there's not
much yet, but there will be two more colours and a dash soon."
Author: carsncars Downloads:394Uploaded On:Jul 16 2007, 12:00 AMFile Size: 0.21 MB Download File

Caterpillar Forklift
This is midtownmad's Caterpillar forklift.

Inside the zipfile contains a self-extracting archive (exe)
Author: midtownmad Downloads:964Uploaded On:Jul 12 2007, 12:00 AMFile Size: 1.5 MB Download File

Airbus A380
The file name suggests what it is... an airplane. And not like that Red Baron from ZRambler released so many years ago... this thing is huge, the exact size of a jumbo jet. Suprisingly, the thing actually takes off (once you get around to 80 MPH). If you handle it just right, you'll be able to actually pilot it. I was able to go from bay to bay on the coast of San Francisco, near the game's start. Of course, since it's so huge, some parts of the vehicle, like the wings, can go into buildings without stopping.
Author: ken7394 Downloads:3,629Uploaded On:Jul 07 2007, 09:11 PMFile Size: 5.37 MB Download File

Lightning Mcqueen
This file was created by tweakradje at mm2c.Its from the kid's movie "Cars".Its fast,and fun. Unfortunately it doesn't have animated eyes. It almost looks like the real thing.
Author: tweakradje Downloads:3,017Uploaded On:Mar 13 2007, 10:43 AMFile Size: 1.5 MB Download File

Zuk A-11
One of the Christmas gifts from fabolous HQTM-team.
Author: HQTM-Team Downloads:753Uploaded On:Jan 20 2007, 02:33 PMFile Size: 3.12 MB Download File

Snowman Sleigh
Look at the image below.
Author: HQTM-Team Downloads:1,475Uploaded On:Jan 20 2007, 02:17 PMFile Size: 0.78 MB Download File

Santa Claus with Sleigh
Author: N/A Downloads:1,502Uploaded On:Jan 20 2007, 11:23 AMFile Size: 2.26 MB Download File

Polonez Cop Vehicle
Author: N/A Downloads:918Uploaded On:Jan 20 2007, 11:20 AMFile Size: 2.23 MB Download File

Polonez Caro Plus
Author: N/A Downloads:816Uploaded On:Jan 20 2007, 11:17 AMFile Size: 1.85 MB Download File

Author: N/A Downloads:928Uploaded On:Jan 20 2007, 11:13 AMFile Size: 4.22 MB Download File

Polonez R2
Author: N/A Downloads:610Uploaded On:Jan 20 2007, 11:01 AMFile Size: 2.25 MB Download File

Polonez R1
Author: N/A Downloads:722Uploaded On:Jan 20 2007, 10:55 AMFile Size: 1.58 MB Download File

Author: N/A Downloads:474Uploaded On:Jan 08 2007, 04:16 PMFile Size: 3.13 MB Download File

Land Rover Defender
This is a 1998 Land Rover Defender TDI Midtown Madness 2, made by GT from 3dautos for MM2. It features 3 paintjobs, a few breakbles, new sounds and a 2d dashboard made by GT. This Land Rover does not have a interior, but overall is a great 4x4. Worth a try!.
Author: 3D Autos Downloads:1,014Uploaded On:Jan 01 2007, 11:22 AMFile Size: 7.17 MB Download File

Icce 330
Author: N/A Downloads:849Uploaded On:Jan 01 2007, 11:14 AMFile Size: 7.88 MB Download File

Author: N/A Downloads:875Uploaded On:Jan 01 2007, 11:04 AMFile Size: 22.2 MB Download File

Author: N/A Downloads:882Uploaded On:Oct 06 2006, 11:49 AMFile Size: 6.96 MB Download File

Solar 2
No idea what this is..
Author: N/A Downloads:1,320Uploaded On:Oct 06 2006, 11:37 AMFile Size: 2.05 MB Download File

TCZ Dobro
Double-decker transportation bus.
Author: Nath Downloads:1,290Uploaded On:Sep 08 2006, 02:27 PMFile Size: 1.59 MB Download File

Bus City Buses
Driveable versions of the buses which appear in the city Bus City.
Author: AD156 Downloads:6,224Uploaded On:Sep 08 2006, 10:32 AMFile Size: 10.5 MB Download File

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