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Video Patcher
This is Video Patcher. With a high degree of success, will usually enable hardware rendering in your Midtown Madness game
Author: Aaro4130 Downloads:2,012Uploaded On:Aug 12 2014, 07:06 PMFile Size: 0.45 MB Download File

BNG Editor and Maker
This is DeusRex's BNG Editor and maker. BNG is the props placing file of MM. It tells where the object goes and if it is rotated or not. It also has a tutorial for making and using the props.
NOTE: You will need VCK to use this. Get it here.
Author: DeusRex Downloads:858Uploaded On:Sep 12 2010, 11:08 AMFile Size: 1.6 MB Download File

TSH Maker
This program allows you to make multiple paintjobs for your midtown madness cars. Made by DeusRex.
Author: DeusRex Downloads:1,073Uploaded On:Sep 12 2010, 07:16 AMFile Size: 0.01 MB Download File

Make AR
To Use:

1. Download deAR.exe from and extract to Midtown Madness directory.

2. Copy cmd.exe from C:WindowsSystem 32 folder.

3. Run cmd.exe

4. Type "dear.exe" followed by the .ar name, ex. "Core.ar", and press enter.

5. Once extraction process is complete, several folders should now be added to your Midtown Madness directory. Modify the files you want in each folder.

6. Type "mkar.exe followed by the .ar name, ex. "Core.ar", followed by the corresponding shiplist file, ex. "shiplist.core", and press enter.

7. The AR archive you just made should be located in the Midtown Madness directory.

8. Enjoy MM1 with your modified .AR file!
Author: N/A Downloads:3,855Uploaded On:Oct 09 2008, 12:08 PMFile Size: 0.12 MB Download File

Save Modifier
Author: N/A Downloads:1,531Uploaded On:Feb 02 2008, 09:08 AMFile Size: 0.71 MB Download File

MM Tweaker
Author: N/A Downloads:2,060Uploaded On:Feb 02 2008, 09:08 AMFile Size: 0.65 MB Download File

Midtown Madness VW Demo
Demo version of the game. All the same rule apply except the vehicle users can use is the VW Beetle.

This file was never publicly released by Microsoft.
Author: Microsoft Angel Studios Downloads:1,193Uploaded On:Feb 02 2008, 09:08 AMFile Size: 23 MB Download File

Midtown Madness Demo
Limited-use demo version of the game. A limited portion of the city can be driven in. Supports cruise mode and a blitz race. Limited-use multiplayer available as well.

Only the Ford Mustang GT, City Bus and Panoz Roadster can be used. No addons can be inserted into the demo.
Author: Microsoft Angel Studios Downloads:1,207Uploaded On:Feb 02 2008, 09:08 AMFile Size: 25.74 MB Download File

Midtown Madness Vehicle Creation Kit
Midtown Madness Vehicle Creation Kit created by Angel Studios. Can be used to create your own Midtown Madness cars from what you have produced with 3D Studio Max. Also comes with a new car for Midtown Madness, called the Red Rocket, located in the build directory of the vck folder.
Author: Microsoft Downloads:5,995Uploaded On:Aug 12 2007, 03:22 PMFile Size: 3.42 MB Download File

Midtown Madness Tweaker
Tweak Midtown Madness Default cars! Make them as fast as you want! Feel free to use the modified vehicles for your own personal use, BUT, make sure you've got the author's permission before re-releasing the cars to the public.
Author: Ragnar Burenius Downloads:4,053Uploaded On:Aug 08 2007, 10:02 PMFile Size: 0.65 MB Download File

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