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Bruiser from San Francisco Rush 2049 (Gamecube version)

-Sounds from Test Drive 5 'Cuda

-1 color

-Ford Mustang Fastback tuning

Credit goes to Midway Games for the model and Dyspro50 for the Re-Volt version that I converted from
Author: mm1expert Downloads:137Uploaded On:May 03 2016, 05:54 PMFile Size: 0.57 MB Download File

Sr Sedanoradeo
This Car By: Kharis.Sr. It is the standard traffic sedan with better wheels.
Author: Kharis.Sr Downloads:1,426Uploaded On:Apr 10 2011, 05:06 AMFile Size: 0.1 MB Download File

In-Game Limo
It's the in-game Limosine.
Author: Microsoft Downloads:1,578Uploaded On:Dec 23 2007, 05:07 AMFile Size: 0.41 MB Download File

Red Rocket
This car is the sample vehicle that microsoft made that comes with the VCK. It has 1 paintjob, a cool dash, full lights, and a shadow. Recommended for more out of your mm game!
Author: Microsoft Downloads:3,416Uploaded On:Oct 31 2007, 10:54 AMFile Size: 1.1 MB Download File

A stretch limousine and a limousine. The stretch version is literally impossible to drive.
Author: N/A Downloads:2,245Uploaded On:Sep 01 2006, 02:09 AMFile Size: 0.55 MB Download File

Lego Go-Kart
A go-kart made out of legos. 2 versions included: a forward-wheel drive version and a rear-wheel drive version.
Author: N/A Downloads:3,047Uploaded On:Sep 01 2006, 02:04 AMFile Size: 1.18 MB Download File

Christmas Sled
A sled with Santa in it. It flies! However, it may crash your game.
Author: Spr_Stang_Man TEK_Xacto Downloads:2,054Uploaded On:Sep 01 2006, 01:50 AMFile Size: 1.54 MB Download File

Dumb and Dumber Van
The Shaggin' Wagon from the film Dumb and Dumber.
Author: Sinbad Downloads:2,023Uploaded On:Sep 01 2006, 12:37 AMFile Size: 0.81 MB Download File

Schwinn Speed Pro Bike - 1999
A bicycle.

Locked by default. Use the All Cars Unlock hack to use this car.

You need to disable the "Vehicle Reflections" in the graphics settings or this car will crash.
Author: TC_LawAbider Downloads:7,364Uploaded On:Sep 01 2006, 12:30 AMFile Size: 0.11 MB Download File

Crusher Tank
Huge tank, over 2 lanes wide. Can destroy anything in its path, if you can control it.
Author: DeusRex Downloads:6,909Uploaded On:Sep 01 2006, 12:28 AMFile Size: 0.36 MB Download File

Anakin's Pod Racer
One of MM1's best novelty cars. Anakin Skywalker's racer from Star Wars I.
This is the beta version, but ended up as the final release.
Note that the car is locked because "it requires a good driver to get the best out of it." To unlock it, accumulate 1,000 points in Pro mode.
Author: Darron Downloads:7,221Uploaded On:Sep 01 2006, 12:27 AMFile Size: 0.21 MB Download File

BCV Velocity
A fictitious race car (BCV = Box Custom Vehicles). Slickly designed with its own themesong. This is also the first car to include the "wheel cam."
Author: Barracuda Downloads:4,962Uploaded On:Aug 30 2006, 04:12 AMFile Size: 3.46 MB Download File

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