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Author Information: Qwerty_86

Qwerty_86's Top Files
Most Recent Files Top 5 Rated Top 5 Downloaded
1. Traffic Mod 2.5
2. Police Patch - Qwerty86
3. Qwerty_86 First cars
4. Volvo 240 Wagon
5. Volvo 240
1. Chevrolet Caprice Cruiser - 1991
2. Chrysler Minivan Pack
3. Chrysler New Yorker - 1990
4. Traffic Mod 2.5
5. GMC Utilimaster
1. Airplane
2. Traffic Mod 2.5
3. Dodge Caravan - 1990
4. Traffic Mod 2.5
5. Traffic Mod 2 - low-res version

Author Biography
Mini-Bio: Well, I don't make MM1 cars anymore and since I can drive now I'm tinkering more with real cars. There's nothing more satisfying than bringing a car back to life. I suppose I should mention a little something about the MM1 years since my profile from the main site links to this profile.

MM1 was one of the most influential games I've ever played. It was my gateway into the online world. I met a lot of people via multiplayer and forums and it has quenched my thirst for knowledge about cars. I started playing MM1 when I was around age 14. Every day after school I would be anxious to know if there any new developments in add-on cars. A few months after joining the community, I decided to try my hand at making cars. I admired Paul_7 because he made cars that you were likely to see on the roads. That was one thing that was lacking in games at the time. So I made my first car: an '84 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera. It used textures created using MS Paint. It looked like crap, but I won everyone's interest by the way it was tuned. It swayed so much that it seemed like it would tip over! And it was so slow, you could make a sandwich by the time it got up to highway speeds! But people liked it. So I kept making these daily drivers that I liked.

At first I took requests, but then the requests came pouring in so I just made whatever interested me. If I didn't like it I wouldn't make it. My cars were certainly different from the slew of sports cars and muscle cars with stiff suspension and fast acceleration. I just liked making '80s and '90s cars just because it was fun watching them move with the bouncy suspension.

I've made a few novelty cars like all the other veteran carmakers. I recall making a plane and a hovercraft. Most everyone remembers the beaters. The beaters would have simulated crap tuning so the trans would be missing a gear or it would drop a gear. The cars would look like crap too. Something you'd most likely see in real life. I've also poked fun at a few ricers with the K-Car and Escort. It was fun drawing up designs to make a car look purposely beat-up.

Carmaking also helped develop my photo editing and 3D modelling skills. The former is the more important one since I'm doing more photo editing than 3D modelling in real life. I've made advertisements from game screenshots that simulate real ads you'd find in a magazine. I've always thought that was kind of neat since it's art imitating art.

I certainly do miss the old days. The days of waiting for the newest car made by Paul_7 or Tek_Xacto. The days of staying up late trying to perfect a model. The days of CnR FFA games. The days of taking fun and artistic screenshots. Ah, I miss those days. MM1 changed my life. I will never forget it.
Status: Inactive
Time Active: 2000 - 2005
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