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File Name: Classic Madness
Author: HQTM-Team
Game: Midtown Madness 2
Downloads: 6,571
File Size: 277.4 MB
File Traffic: 1.7 TB
Description: Classic Madness is a mod that, literally, redoes the game. Nearly every single aspect of it is changed entirely. The whole point of Classic Madness is to make Midtown Madness look like something out of the 1950s, and it assesses that purpose quite successfully. All traffic and player cars are replaced with carefully modeled equivalents of the era, complete with detailed interiors and dashboards (even for the traffic). There are also two new cities put into the game, Pleasantville and Forsaken Vale, both of which recall the suburban and rural sentiments of this classic period of time. With that being said, there is quite a bit of snow in the mix too.

Classic Madness is the last official mod of the HQTM-Team, and has been released by them in an unfinished state. This was a project that took them nearly four years, and they say they have lost interest in the game. Doné─˘t let this put you off thoughé─ţit is only considered é─˙unfinishedé─¨ because Forsaken Vale, which was an ambitious city to begin with, was not fully completed. Everything else is there and working, with the exception of a few minor graphics and traffic problems.
Original Release Date: December 28, 2007
User Rating: Avg. 4 out of 5, from a total of 6 votes
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    Uploaded on: Dec 28 2007, 09:19 PM
    Uploaded by: Gafaddict

    Comments (most recent first): - Add Your Own Comment
    Posted on: Jan 12, 2011 11:42 PM by: Usetheforce
    This mod's really good, but whenever I try to load London, the game crashes.
    Posted on: Jan 12, 2008 05:07 AM by: Vansloneker
    And btw the additional mods didn't work for me.
    Posted on: Jan 12, 2008 05:00 AM by: Vansloneker
    There are two maps, a countryside with hilly roads, a freeway and a racetrack, and a build city.

    On the first map roads suddenly end and you freeze. I could not find a road to the entrance of the circuit. Otherwise this is a nice track with some nice roads to drive. There are some entertaining opportunities you will find out yourself.

    The city map is suppose to be based on a 50s city. It has traffic. The traffic looks good. The houses well they didn't ring a bell with me. The airport gives me the feeling of being heavily inspired by the airport in GTA-VC.

    My Radeon X-1600 I consider to be a powerful graphics card has problems with the city. On many locations the frame rates would drop below acceptable. Only when turning of all graphics candy I was able to make a not quite acceptable cruise through all parts.

    The in game cars are done very well. They really look good. Performance figures do not always match reality. Some go way to fast, others to slow. The sounds are the old sounds, that's to bad. Also the old London city sound is in the background, that's weird when driving in the hills.

    Installing this map also installs new loading screens and backgrounds for the settings of the game. I don't like them. They are cluttered and uncool.

    To be honest, I had expected more from this map. Still it is a valuable addition to the MM2 world.
    We're in no danger of going away!
    Have a holly jolly Merry Christmas
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